MMS - citric acid mixing instructions

1 Pound Mixing Instructions for 28% Sodium Chlorite‚Ä® Solution
Fill plastic container with 32 US ounces of warm water (100 to 150 F).
While sprinkling in the entire contents (1 pound) of the sodium chlorite powder, Stir,with a non-metallic spoon.
Once all of the powder is dissolved, let stand for several hours or overnight in a dark location.
The solution will be green and clear and will probably have some sediment on the bottom of the container and/or a light film on the surface.
Remove the film and slowly transfer the solution into a clean and preferably dark plastic container leaving the sediment behind.
You should now have 34 US ounces of 28% sodium chlorite solution ready for use.

For small quantities: 6 level tablespoons, OR 4 level bakers tablespoons, of sodium chlorite powder mixed with 3 ounces of warm water will make 4 ounces of 28% MMS.

Please note that the dried solution is flammable. Practice good housekeeping.

>   Simply mix the powdered citric acid in a 1:1 ratio
(1 spoon of citric acid powder to 1 spoon of warm water).
>   The acid should be mixed and stored in a plastic container.
For recommended usage please refer to Jim Humbles book "Breakthrough -The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century" or the DVD "Understanding MMS - Conversations with Jim Humble" (both available at our site

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