Agave-Is it Bad for You

The "Is Agave Bad For You" Fallacy
or. How to Stop Being Manipulated by Even Famous Health Writers Who Write in Distorted Ways That Appear Factual

"I just read this article by a well-known health writer, named Joseph Mercola, in which he states that agave is bad for health." Jenny S.

Agave-The high Fructose Health Food Fraud Rebuttal

Here is the full rebuttal from Craig Gerbore, Owner of Madhava:

Agave-Response to "Shocking" Article By Mercola

We here at Global Goods Inc. actually like many of the articles written by Dr. Mercola and appreciate the efforts he is making on the behalf of everyone looking for a healthier way of living. Dr. Mercola recently made a few negative statements concerning agave and surprisingly, we even agree with some of them! Before you get too excited, let me explain…


Agave-Response to "Just say no to AGAVE!

Response to accusations that Agave is not what it is supposed to be by Craig Gerbore, Owner of Madhava

I think that article is designed to defame agave, and contains many mistatements and scare tactics to drive home a slanted message. Please read over some of the points below and also please consider the authors source, Russ Bianchi.

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