Basic Science of MMS

Biocidal Efficacy Of Chlorine Dioxide

MMS-On The Mechanisms Of Toxicity Of Chlorine Oxides Against Malarial Parasites - An Overview


The purpose of this article is to propose research.
Nothing in this article is intended as medical advice.
No claims, promises nor guarantees are made.

Malaria Overcome

One the most important medical clinical trial to ever be conducted was started on the 11th of December 2012 and lasted 4 days.  This one trial is likely to impact more people and more countries than any such trial that has ever been conducted before.  This clinical trial was conducted by a division of the International Red Cross, the Uganda Red Cross and the local Uganda Health Department.  More than 600 people were tested.  All 600 had various health complaints and all were treated, however, there were only 154 who proved to have malaria when tested with both the malari

MMS - citric acid mixing instructions

1 Pound Mixing Instructions for 28% Sodium Chlorite
Fill plastic container with 32 US ounces of warm water (100 to 150 F).
While sprinkling in the entire contents (1 pound) of the sodium chlorite powder, Stir,with a non-metallic spoon.
Once all of the powder is dissolved, let stand for several hours or overnight in a dark location.
The solution will be green and clear and will probably have some sediment on the bottom of the container and/or a light film on the surface.

MMS-Fraud or Miracle

The Country of Spain Attacks MMS
On 10/25/2012, Andreas Ludwig Kalcker, our MMS Bishop in Spain, was invited, via an internet contact, to give a talk in Spain for people on the topic of “MMS, Fraud or Miracle.”
The talk was to be given from a scientific perspective, as Andreas is primarily interested in the study of MMS from a scientific standpoint, and it was to be given in the workplace of the two people who had asked him to make the presentation.

MMS-How to make

How to Make MMS in Your Kitchen MAKING 12.6 ounces of MMS: There are more than 1,412 doses of MMS in 12 ounces. That should last you and your family for a couple of years. MMS is light sensitive so you must bottle it in a very dark glass or plastic bottle, or in dark opaque plastic. Dark green, blue, or brown transparent plastic is okay. The light that goes through these dark colours will not harm the MMS. Don’t worry about the MMS being out in the daylight for a couple of days. However, never allow it to set in the direct sunlight.

MMS Directions

The Fundamentals for using MMS are These:

Fundamental One:
Repeated small doses are more effective than large morning and evening doses. It has been demonstrated more than 1000 times that small doses administered often, up to once each hour, are more effective than large doses administered once or twice a day.

Malaria Finally Defeated

 The worst disease of mankind, malaria, a disease that has killed more humans than all the wars of mankind, was finally defeated and the defeat was proven a fact by the Red Cross on the 16th of December 2012. The location was Africa, in the country of Uganda, Luuka District.

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