Universal Immunization

Readable by the layperson; fully-documented. The practice of childhood immunization is exposed as a dangerous fraud. Obomsawin points to nutrition and soil fertility as the real solutions to infective illness. The book contains one of the best summaries of the enormous values of some basic vitamins--A and C--in building resistance to disease, and shows how those who develop infectious disease are generally deficient. This book was based upon research that Obomsawin undertook in the early 1990s while serving as an Evaluation Analyst for the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) conducting a field evaluation of a UNICEF Integrated Services Project serving over 900 villages in northeast Thailand over a several year period. CIDA then hired a bio-medical professional to refute what Obomssawin had written. Obomsawin holds a PhD in Health Sciences and Human Ecology (1992). Universal Immunization downloads as a PDF of 644 kb.



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