Chocolate Bar-Dark

High quality semi-sweet chocolate. 90% cacao. The cacao has minimal processing and kept at low temperatures to maintain the antioxidants and complex flavour profile of our carefully selected cacao from Ecuador. All certified organic. Handmade right here in small batches. Low glycemic. May melt during shipping on really hot days.

 Pacari Chocolate is a single origin artisan, crafting from the Arriba Nacional cacao varietal from the rain forests of Ecuador. Cacao beans are carefully  selected for the highest quality to bring you a complex, full bodied dark chocolate with fruit and floral notes. 

Pacari works exclusively with small, independent growers who follow fair and equitable trade practices that benefit the land, the well being of the community, and future generations.

Ingredients: all organic-raw cacao, raw cocoa butter and coconut sugar   85 grams

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