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Certified Organic, Raw and Sprouted Almond Butter made In-house.

Sprouting makes almond butter taste better! The sprouting process also transforms the nuts from a dormant state to a living food that is said to be easier to digest and more nutritious. The nuts are first soaked for 24 hours, then dried thoroughly and lastly stone ground slowly, to keep from heating. Nothing is Added. Made from Certified Organic Almonds from California.

Makes the best almond milk in any blender and you won't need to strain after. In water: add a banana, vanilla and coconut sugar.

500ml jar = 1.4lb almond butter

Allergen Warning: May Contain Walnuts and Coconut

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organic coconut butter

Certified Organic and Raw Coconut Butter made In-house.  

Creamy, smooth and made by slowly stone grinding to keep from heating. Tastes like fresh coconut. Great in smoothies, but you need to use with other nuts to emulsify. Raw coconut butter has about 65% oil content, so this can substitute for coconut oil in many uses.

Allergen Warning: May Contain Walnuts and Almonds

Coconut For Good Health

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Discontinued indefinitely.

Certified Organic and Raw Tahini made In-house. 

Made from unhulled, organic sesame seeds from Mexico. Tahini made with unhulled seeds is more vitamin and mineral rich than that made with the hulled seeds. Absolutely nothing adding. Stone ground slowly to keep from heating. 

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Certified Organic, Raw and Sprouted Walnut Butter made In-house. 

Walnuts are first soaked for 24hrs, then dried thoroughly and lastly stone-ground slowly, to keep from heating. Makes the best sprouted nut milk. Keep Cool. Made from certified organic, unheated walnuts from California. 

Allergen Warning: May Contain Almonds and Coconut


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