Online Payments

Online Payments


From your online banking account Email money to another person at a different financial institution using an email address.

Transfers can be performed as follows:

Use the drop-down arrow beside the Transfer From to specify the account to transfer funds from Enter the amount to transfer in the Amount box. Use the drop-down arrow beside To to select the person to transfer funds to Enter a message in the Include A Message In The Email box, such as "Happy Birthday!"

If you're transferring funds to a recipient who isn't on your list, you must first add them to your recipient list. To start the process, click on Add Recipient.

INTERAC® Email Money Transfers must be $10.00 or more, and are available in Canadian funds only.

 All INTERAC® Email Money Transfers will take a minimum of 30 minutes to be processed. To accommodate for this delay, please allow for sufficient time prior to your desired completion time, to complete the process.

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Similar to Paypal but 75 cents per transaction. hyperWALLET enables individuals to make private and secure online money transfers using cash from their Canadian bank or credit union account. You can use hyperWALLET to transfer money to recipients in Canada and a number of other countries worldwide.

hyperWALLET also enables individuals to send and receive payments to/from other hyperWALLET users, convert funds using our foreign exchange tool, or transfer funds to PayPal accounts.

In addition to the services available at, more than 200 credit unions across Canada offer hyperWALLET's online money transfer service for their members through MemberDirect online banking.

hyperWALLET is secure, simple to use, and getting started is quick and easy. Sign-up for a hyperWALLET account today, and start moving money online! 

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