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Why Fast?

Water fasting eliminates addictions, bad habits and unhealthy thought patterns. During the fast, the palate recovers its natural sensitivity to simple foods. Salt, sugar, fats and processed foods become naturally unattractive. Fasting is an ideal time to be introspective and honest with oneself. It is conducive to quiet observation of thought patterns and values. Fasting allows the body to return to it’s normal or correct way of functioning, the way it was designed to operate and becomes much more reliable in discerning what and how to eat. Circulation and metabolism improve proving better endurance. The old sick cells will be replaced with healthy cells and the whole body will be rejuvenated.

Free your body from disease or accumulated toxins.

Fasting is surgery without a knife. It allows nature and her healing power to take control of our being and do her cleansing and repair work. Fasting is a medical procedure, restoring homeostasis, strengthening the immune system and healing many illnesses. Virtually everyones body has pounds of tar-like metabolic waste. Fasting enables the body to remove this toxic waste. The digestive system becomes a much more efficient refinery.

Free your mind from unnecessary boundaries.

Fasting is also an ancient spiritual practice, withdrawing the energy from doing and transferring it into being in the moment. Fasting takes us to our truth, allows old wounds to heal, addictions to fade, and our ego to die to be reborn into our spirit.

Fasting brings the ultimate rest.

Fasting provides a framework in which change is effortless and comes from the deep self.

Who can do it?

Fasting is beneficial to almost everybody with the exclusion of a few conditions. You should not attempt a water fast alone if you:

• have Type I diabetes,

• have severe liver disease,

• have AIDS,

• have advanced cancer,

• have renal insufficiency,

• or if you are pregnant.

Fasting for the first time is best done with an experienced guide in a beautiful, quiet and safe place. It’s good to get away from home so old patterns can fade away.



Will I Feel Hungry?

There may be a sensation of hunger for the first day or two. After that, when the body's metabolism switches over to the burning of fats, the sensation of hunger tends to be diminished or gone.


Will I Be Tired or Sick?

Energy level on a fast varies greatly between individuals. Some people experience a surge in energy after a few days, but many people continue to feel low energy, as the body turns its energy inwards to heal itself. There may be one or more occasions when you feel moderately ill with flu-like symptoms, possibly even a brief, moderate fever. These healing crises are an important part of the process of fasting and detoxification.

Will I Lose Weight?

Fasting patients usually lose two pounds or so a day for the first week; this decreases as the fast continues.

Will The Weight Stay Off?

Because the body's metabolism slows down during a fast, it is not difficult to gain weight back after a fast. Maintenance of weight loss depends on lifestyle change.


What If I'm Underweight?

A water fast gives the digestive system a chance to rest, and it often absorbs and assimilates better after a fast. Patients who have a hard time gaining weight generally find it easier after a fast, because the food they eat is being more effectively utilized.

What Can I Expect Emotionally?

A lot of emotional issues typically arise during fasting. Primal experiences arise from the withdrawal of food. Food also has a high emotional content in that it is connected with nurturance and survival.

How Do I Get Ready for the Fast?

The benefits of your fast will be increased, and the transition into fasting will be facilitated, if you follow a week-long, pre-fast regimen at home before your fast.


How Do I Start Eating Again?

It is important to start slowly and simply, with a period of raw juices first, then foods re-introduced gradually, one at a time. All Mind Your Body fasting workshop options include at least two days of food re-introduction at the end, to help you ease gradually back into food and maintain the practice of conscious eating.




The Pre-Fast Regimen: Eight Days of Recommended Preparation

Days 1-3: Avoid meat, fish, fowl, eggs, dairy, grains, legumes, salt and spices. Focus on fruits and vegetables; cooking them is okay.

Days 4-6: As above, except all foods are eaten raw.

Days 7-8: Raw fruit and vegetable juices only.

It is also recommended that you meditate and journal on the lifestyle and diet changes you want to make, so as to start your fast with a clear vision.

Following this plan for the last eight days before your fast will ease your body into burning fats and detoxifying, and make starting the water fast easier.

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