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Malaria Overcome

One the most important medical clinical trial to ever be conducted was started on the 11th of December 2012 and lasted 4 days. This one trial is likely to impact more people and more countries than any such trial that has ever been conducted before. This clinical trial was conducted by a division of the International Red Cross, the Uganda Red Cross and the local Uganda Health Department. More than 600 people were tested. All 600 had various health complaints and all were treated, however, there were only 154 who proved to have malaria when tested with both the malaria test strips and microscopic observation of the blood. These two tests are universally considered proof of the malaria disease.

The adults testing positive for malaria were given 18 drops of a 28% solution of the mineral sodium chlorite the majority of which is mined in Spain before processing into sodium chlodrite. The children testing positive to malaria were given 8 drops of this same solution. The drops were activated with a food grade acid such as lemon juice before being consumed by the malaria victims.

The following day (24 hours later) all 154 malaria victims were not only well and feeling good, but they all tested negative to malaria. There were 11 malaria victims that required a second dose, but the fact is in spite of requiring a second dose, all 154 malaria victims were free of malaria by the end of 24 hours.

This same chemical that was used for overcoming the malaria, is used in thousands of water purification plants and water works throughout the world. Chances are that it is in the water that you are drinking right now, but at a reduced strength. If you live in America it is unlikely that you have avoided chlorine dioxide as it is used on vegetables throughout the USA to not only kill pathogens that might be present but to also give it more than double the life of unpurified vegetables by killing the microorganisms that cause early decay. Like all chemicals known to man, it is useful at certain strengths and poisonous at other strengths. It is known by the simplest of chemical formulas, CLO2. It can be purchased at most chemical supply stores throughout the world under the chemical name of sodium chlorite. It releases chlorine dioxide gas (CLO2) upon touching food grade acid and the chlorine Dioxide gas is what kills the malaria.

The Red Cross first tried their best to suppress the release of the data for 5 months and when I realized that they never intended to release the data; I and others of my people decided to release the data before they were able to completely hide all of the information. The reason they are now giving for hiding the data is that they must test the Chlorine dioxide for safety. But all the safety testing has been done decades ago. The FDA approves of using chlorine dioxide on food and for disinfectant and sterilizer use years ago. Go to their site and check it out. Chlorine dioxide was tested for safety in human ingestion and a copy of the data is available here Hundreds of tests on humans and rats and mice have been conducted. There is no reason for repeating such tests.

Now please tell me why I would lie about this. There are thousands of companies selling this chemical and using this chemical around the world and I receive no money from their sales. The only thing my Church does is cure people for free and ask for very small donations.

If you want to know why people are now dying of malaria, follow the money. It takes 25 cents to cure a malaria case with chlorine dioxide and hundreds or even thousands of dollars to treat a single malaria case with pharmaceutical drugs. And because the pharmaceutical companies and most countries and now even the Red Cross suppress the data, thousands of children and adults die each day.

The use of this chemical in this way to cure malaria was first developed by Jim Humble, Archbishop of the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing as one way of completely overcoming poverty in Africa and allowing people of Africa to regain their health. In 15 years with millions of people having taken chlorine dioxide there is not one single death recorded as caused by chlorine dioxide (known World wide as MMS). Nor is there a single record anywhere that it was established that damage was done to a single person. There are critics that say that chlorine dioxide does not cure anything, and guess what, even though the critics really don’t know why they are correct they are in fact correct. Chlorine dioxide, pharmaceutical drugs, nutrition nor anything else ever cures the body.

The only thing that ever cures the body is the body.

Pharmaceutical drugs hide the ill symptoms, and the pains, but chlorine dioxide kills the pathogens that are present thus stopping the poisons generated by the disease germs. This then allows the body and the immune system to take over and begin rebuilding the damage that the disease has done. And that was the miracle that happened in Uganda back starting on the 11th of December 2012. The chlorine dioxide allowed 100% of all the malaria cases to heal themselves in less than 24 hours because the malaria parasites were dead. Now millions of people could be saved because of the proof given in many documents that have been recorded on the Utube and we welcome the opportunity to conduct more testing this time with additional professional witnesses present, such as the United Nations, the World Bank, Doctors without Borders, and even official catholic witnesses and witnesses from other religions.

We are now asking that an official trial be conducted with official witnesses from enough different sources that the information cannot be suppressed. What could anyone possibly have against that?

Of course this trial would also be broadcast as an on line operation and thus could be recorded around the world.

If there is anyone out there with the money necessary to finance this kind of an operation this is your chance to change the world with a tiny amount of money.

This email is to let you know we are still working on the situation and that the only thing that the Red Cross has done by lying is to bring more people’s attention to their evil intentions. They are just proving our point at this time. Things are coming together as you will soon see.

Now look below:
Canadian Anti-Corruption League

I want to tell you about two organizations that have offered to help the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing.

I wish at this time to introduce the members of the MMS News Bulletin to two organizations that have offered to help genesis II Church of Health and Healing to advance to the next stage.

First is the CACL or Canadian Anti Corruption League that is led by Bishop Royce Hamer of Ontario Canada. Their goal is to put a stop to the corruption of governments that has been 100% responsible for the obstruction to spreading the MMS to all people of this planet. All present governments fear any anti corruption campaigns and organizations since it forces them to be accountable. CACL has a very good web site to view their platform that is based on anti corruption theme 100% If you are Canadian we urge you to join up as it is no cost at this time for basic membership. Should you live in another country and wish to start a similar organization CACL will provide all the help needed within their scope of knowledge free of charge.

Corruption is a hideous cancer that is a curse to all societies and if left unchecked is the cause of death, destruction and a dysfunctional societal order. CACL intends to bring MMS and similar products into the mainstream of real health care. CACL believes that bleeding sick people through big pharma is unnecessary and evil serving only those with deep pockets that control corrupt governments. In addition SEE BELOW.

MMS News Bulletin members that are using the net and want help by low cost professionals to maximize your web presence., & BizPartners Network are using their talents to organize a major funding initiative for Genesis II Church to promote MMS to all humanity. VRCities is a large-scale online project to build a positive communications system that works at all levels of human culture. VRCities and their partners are assisting us to obtain funding that will expand MMS & Genesis II Church web presence and reach.

VRCities is also using its system to support the Canadian Anti-Corruption League and help establish a global anti-corruption drive. We agree that corruption is at the root of many problems that get in the way of improving our lives, including the spread of effective healing methods, such as MMS.

If you would like to get better results for yourself AND support MMS by using the power of computers and the Internet, please contact VRC Partners at the following email address.

Include some information about your background and interests to help them serve you better.

With love,
Jim Humble Archbishop of the Genesis 2 Church

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