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Important to note
Our product is mainly organic, not mixed with any other sweetener, or chemical or plant origin.
Nor is clarified or powder made in order to preserve all properties fitonutritivas owns the plant, such as beta-cell stimulator to improve insulin secretion, preserve the great property of being six times more antioxidants than green tea, be vasodilator, bactericide, hypotensive, etc. In return, we suggest an adequate amount in the use of our product that helps prevent changes in the characteristics of food using our stevia.
In the domestic and international markets stevia liquid extract is completely transparent. To achieve these characteristics this product is subjected to filtration with resins and chemicals in order to cancel the color and flavor of the plant. While it is true that this is achieved, it is also true that properties are lost fitonutritivas owns the plant, only play the role of sweetener.
Stevia, currently being processed for marketing in three forms: powder, tablet and liquid extract transparent in the first two presentations in its transformation process for human consumption, usually the ingredients are: 83% maltodextrin and 17% stevia, unaware that maltodextrin is a cornmeal that the body metabolizes into glucose (sugar).
In the market there are products of synthetic sweeteners or chemical, be aware that sometimes mixed with stevia, and can cause side effects to human health as aspartame, among others, that can become toxic or cause problems as multiple sclerosis, lupus, episodes of epilepsy, diabetes complications, etc. (Source: consume aspartame ACSN Safety Network, Mission Possible International)
Moreover there are other sweeteners of plant origin (derived from sugar cane, wood, starch, etc..) Such as xylitol, sorbitol, syrup and corn flour, maltodextrin, which contain calories, and eventually are transformed by the body human glucose (sugar). We recommend that whenever you purchase these products, read the label and its components in order to avoid falling into purchases that affect their health.

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