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Stevia Benefits

Characteristics, uses and benefits of Tolima's organic Stevia


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Uniasociar is a Tolimense Working precoperative Company, that Works towards a friendly agro industrial and environment development, through a level of an organic production of a productive chain. One of these products, besides the leaf is the Stevia's liquid extract, under the commercial name of STEVIA ORGANICA DEL TOLIMA (Tolima's organic Stevia) obtained by an organic and chemic free process.

in 1995, the FDA approved Stevia a a dietary supplement. In 2008, Stevia obtains the GRAS status, where is recognized as a no harmful food additive to your health. Many studies made mainly in Japan and Denmark showed that stevia (sweet herb) it's completely safe to be used as a sugar replacement in any food product.

Stevia does not have any calories, it helps providing therapeutic effects in the absorption of fats, blood pressure and diabetes.

Up until now, the studies done since the year 78 in Japan, Belgium, Denmark, Argentina, Brazil, and the United States in rats. dogs, chickens, pigs and human beings have not reported any kind of side effects like mutant genes or any other harmful side effects to your health.

Studies also show Stevia's activity as antibiotic, especially against the E. COLI bacteria sometimes presented in the water, this type of bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus produces venom affecting the kidney causing pneumonia and Coryne bacterium that causes diphtheria. It also has a beneficial effect against the Candida Albican fungus, a common vaginal infection in women.




Saturated fats






Total Carbohydrates




Regulates the sugar in the blood: Studies done by the Endocrinology Department, Metabolism of Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark and the health Science association; revealed that the active principle of Stevia, is to stimulate the beta cells directly in the pancreas, meanwhile these cells contribute to the secretion of insulin in large amounts.

* Stevia's function by helping high blood pressure (hypertension):
It reduces and maintains the blood pressure. :

Regulates arterial pressure

* Stevia's function with overweight problems:

Since stevia does not have any calories, it produces an effect that reduces the anxiety for food, sweets, and fats. For that reason it is suggested to take one table spoon of Stevia's liquid extract, half an hour before each meal.

*Helps to prevent cavities and gum diseases:

In Paraguay, the unprocessed Stevia is naturally used, as a bacteria killer preventing bacteria's growth, especially the ones that causes cavity and gum bleedings; it is also used to relieve sore throat. For that reason it is suggested to put two stevia drops on the tooth paste at the moment of brushing your teeth.

Helps replacing the excessive consume of sugar in children:

A variety of investigations done, concerning the problems that hyperactivity generated in children, show that it's associated with the excessive consume of candies , ice cream, chocolates and shakes, due to the large amount of calories that these generates, causing side effects of sudden humor changes, behavior and irritability, as well as common dental problems. Keeping in mind, stevia is considered to be a tool to prevent the effects mentioned above since it does not contain calories or saccharose.

Stevia also has antioxidant effects compare to those of the green tea. which are fundamental to keep a young and healthy skin.

The Tohoku University, the Agriculture faculty in Japan has found the Stevia has a powerful antioxidant action, 5 to 6 times more powerful than the one produced by the Eastern green tea.

Rich in minerals: Laboratory analysis has shown that the Stevia is extraordinarily rich in iron, manganese and cobalt, minerals necessary for the correct function of the organism.

It can be used to cook: since the stevia is very stable in high temperatures compared to the chemical sweeteners degrade in high temperatures. With stevia, you can cook and sweeten coffee, tea , oatmeal, cakes, jelly, bread, chocolate, etc. this product does not degrade in high temperatures and does not produce a metallic flavour.

All these properties are known as phytonutrients and they are available in products that use Stevia's liquid extract without clarifying its process. On the contrary, Stevia that comes granulated, undergo a chemical process that makes the stevia loose many of its natural properties (the phytonutrients mentioned above) reducing its benefits to just a simple sweetener.


There are products in the market that undergo chemical processes , sometimes mixed with Stevia that can have many harmful side effects to your health, like the aspartame among others, which can be toxic or generate problems like multiple sclerosis, lupus , epileptic episodes, diabetes, etc. (source: aspartame consumer Safety Network ACSN, Mission possible international)

In the other hand, there are other sweeteners from vegetal origin (derived of the sugar cane. Wood, starch, etc.), such as xylitol, sorbitol, syrup, corn dough, maltodextrin, ail of these, have calories that the human body will transform it into glucose (sugar).

Our advice is to always read the tag before buying any of these products, to prevent health problems.

Our product is purely organic; it is not mixed with any other chemical or vegetal sweetener.

Stevia is currently being processed for marketing in three presentations, granulated, tablets, and clear liquefied extract. During the transformation process in the first two presentations for the human consume the ingredients that are usually added, are generally 93% of maltodextrin and 7% of Stevia, not knowing this, people are consuming maltodextrin that is corn flour, metabolizing it into glucose (sugar).

Stevia's liquid extract, is marketing national and international totally transparent. In order to obtain this product with these characteristics, the stevia goes under resins filtrations^and chemicals in order to void the color and plant flavor. While this process is accomplishecffhe phytonutrients properties of the plant are lost. Therefore it will only function as a sweetener.

In the other hand, our company Stevia Organica Del Tolima, does not use any chemicals, it does not clarify the Stevia, or in the transformation process. In order to preserve all the phytonutrients properties that the plant possess. Therefore we suggest an appropriate amount or quantity in the use of our product, avoiding changes in the food's characteristics or sweetened by our Stevia.

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